Science at Cherry Tree

At Cherry Tree we believe passionately that children learn best when they can see how Science links to real world experiences and when it connects with and supports their learning of other subjects. This style of learning engages and enthuses pupils and develops their natural curiosity in the world around them. At Cherry Tree our children love having the opportunity to learn through being totally hands-on and finding things out for themselves which is the perfect way to understand the world around them.

At Cherry Tree, we want to teach our children about the vital role that scientists play in responding to changing world events; particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We want them to leave our school with an awareness of how Science will influence their daily lives from managing their health and wellbeing to understanding global issues such as climate change.

How do we teach Science at Cherry Tree?

At Cherry Tree School, we teach Science through enquiry-based learning and by providing exciting, practical learning opportunities which engage the children and hook them into the wonder of Science.

We teach Science:

  • discretely through year group topics as set out in the National Curriculum
  • by sparking pupils’ imagination through practical activities
  • by making creative links with our half termly themes
  • by creating opportunities for developing thinking and reasoning through Science
  • through wonderful outdoor learning experiences in our beautiful school grounds

5 Types of Scientific Enquiry

What experiences do the children have at Cherry Tree?

Science Week

We have a Cherry Tree Science Week, during the school year, which raises the profile of the subject and encourages the whole school to focus on a particular theme within Science.

Forest School

The children at Cherry Tree School have a sequence of explicit outdoor learning sessions, linked to their half termly topics. They have the opportunity to explore their topical lines of enquiry in the outdoor environment and use natural resources to express themselves both creatively and practically.

Trips and Visitors

To enrich the children’s learning in Science, we invite visitors into our school or take them on educational trips.

Quotes from our children:

‘I really enjoy all the super fun experiments we get to do and it is always interesting learning how different combinations can have impressive reactions.’

‘I like Science because it is fun!’

‘What I love about Science is we do a lot of experiments and we learn so many new things that we didn't know.’

‘Science is fun because experimenting helps us to understand how things work and what goes on in the world.’

‘I like science because sometimes we can dig up to see wiggly worms.’

Science at Cherry Tree

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