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Art and Design at Cherry Tree

At Cherry Tree we believe that Art and Design is a key part of our curriculum and gives our children opportunities to express themselves. We provide a range of experiences, linked with our half termly question, to build their knowledge, skills and critical thinking. 

Firstly, art is a great way for our children to explore thoughts and feelings by looking at and creating art and develop language around emotions.

Secondly, art can support our children with developing their decision making, resilience and creativity which are useful skills for all areas of learning and of life!

Finally, art is known to aid relaxation and mindfulness which can aid overall wellbeing.  

Art at Cherry Tree is:

How do we teach Art at Cherry Tree?

Art and Design is taught through explicit sequences that link to our half-termly topics. Children have the opportunity to build their knowledge of artists and techniques, generate and experiment with their own ideas, create works of art using different materials and evaluate a range of work including their own.

Our children are always excited to work with different media and we focus on printing, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and textiles. 

What experiences do the children have at Cherry Tree?

Art Club

Our Year 4 children have had the opportunity to take part in an after-school Art Club this year, exploring a range of artists and techniques. They worked on both collaborative and individual projects and enjoyed practising their skills and getting creative.


Visits from Artists

We have had the privilege of welcoming a range of artists into our school. Recently we had a visit from Iain Green, a nature photographer, who came to show some of our children how to take amazing wildlife photos!


During their time at Cherry Tree our children get the chance to show off their artwork through classroom galleries, sharing in assemblies and parent galleries. In previous terms we have collaborated with the IMAT schools to create an art gallery hosted at The Watford Museum.

Quotes from our children:

‘Art makes me feel happy.’

‘Art has been my favourite subject this year because I like expressing myself.’

‘I like being an artist’

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