Physical Education

Physical Education at Cherry Tree

At Cherry Tree School, we believe that it is important to provide our children with a wide range of opportunities to develop their physical abilities and skills. The teaching of PE is a compulsory requirement, however there are numerous benefits to exposing our children to as many learning experiences as possible.

Firstly, being involved in physical activities encourages brain development and reinforces the importance of leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It has also been proven to enhance concentration and aids memory retention. Taking part in collaborative sports and outdoor games promotes teamwork, discipline and a sense of belonging. It also develops the children’s co-ordination their understanding as to how their muscles work. Physical exercise can be incorporated across a range of curriculum subjects and here at Cherry Tree, the children are encouraged to think about the long-term benefits of being active and leading a healthy life. To summarise, Physical Education is fun, interactive and essential to developing gross motor skills and supporting their physical mental health and wellbeing.

How do we teach Physical Education at Cherry Tree?

We teach PE in our outdoor spaces and in our Multi Use Gaming Area (MUGA). We also use the hall and field. Children are taught about a range of different sports and the skills linked with each one. The children have the opportunity to learn a range of sports from ball games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, tri golf and orienteering. These skills are taught from the foundation stage where they are encouraged and nourished and as they moved through the school, these skills are developed and enhanced.

Daily Mile

In addition to this, all the children also complete the Daily Mile challenge which has been proven to help develop their fitness and stamina along with their concentration in the classroom. The daily mile is also a key component towards support children’s mental health and providing them with a nurturing environment. Every child can actively take part and achieve.

At Cherry Tree we were lucky enough to have our Daily Mile session filmed by ITV News to really highlight the importance of this daily running and how it really helps the children in school.


What Physical Education experiences do the children have at Cherry Tree?

Our children can join a range of after school clubs from multi sports to football for all years.

The children continue to practice and develop their skills throughout the year in preparation for sports day.  

Quotes from our children:

‘I love doing PE because we get to play lots of different sports’.

‘I enjoy sports day as I get to show off the different skills that I have learnt’.

‘PE is my favourite lesson; I get to run and play different game with my friends’.

‘The daily mile really helps me to release some energy so that I can concentrate again in class’.

‘I really like it when we use the wall bars and equipment in gymnastics’

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