Music at Cherry Tree

At Cherry Tree School, we believe that it is vital to provide our children with a wide range of opportunities to develop their musical skills and knowledge. The teaching of music is a compulsory requirement, however there are numerous benefits to exposing our children to as many musical experiences as possible.

Firstly, being involved in musical activities stimulates brain development and aids memory retention. Taking part in collaborative musical projects promotes teamwork, discipline and a sense of belonging. Music can be incorporated across a range of curriculum subjects and here at Cherry Tree, children are encouraged to make connections between time, place and the arts through their half termly topics. Finally, it is well known that listening to and engaging in musical activities has a direct link to well-being and relaxation. To summarise, music is fun, interactive and inspiring!

How do we teach Music at Cherry Tree?

We teach music explicitly in the classroom (or outside) through our half termly themes and topics. Children are taught about a range of composers, musical styles and genres in addition to developing musical skills. Children have the opportunity to listen to a wide range of live and recorded music as well as creating their own compositions using a selection of instruments.

In addition to this, children sing regularly in assemblies, take part in school productions and share with musical guests invited into school. (covid restrictions currently in place).

Band Time

Our Year 5 children take part in Band Time on a weekly basis. This is a fantastic musical programme led by Paul Fisher (see below) in which they all learn to play a brass instrument during the course of the year. We have exciting plans to create a Cherry Tree brass band in the near future and to perform to local audiences.





Hertfordshire Schools Gala

In March 2020 (just before lockdown), some of our Year 4 and Year 5 children had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the Hertfordshire Schools Gala at the Royal Albert Hall. This is a unique and fantastic experience for our children to sing as part of a huge children’s choir in one of the world’s most well-known music venues. This event takes place every two years.


Ten Pieces

Once a year we take part in the BBC’s Ten Pieces Project. This involves us having a musical themed week where children are able to explore a wide range of music, and respond to different elements such as pitch, rhythm, style and texture through a variety of creative tasks.

Visits from Musicians

We have had the privilege of welcoming a range of musicians into our school such as pupils from The Purcell School of Music in Bushey and a team at Yamaha. The children love these interactive sessions which has inspired some of them to take up learning a musical instrument.

Quotes from our children:

‘I love doing body percussion because we all join in together’

‘Music is fun and exciting’

‘Singing is my favourite thing, it makes me feel happy’

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