Outdoor Learning Environments

We have a wonderful range of outdoor learning environments for our children to utilise for investigating different areas of the curriculum.

Our purpose built woodland garden is a beautiful space that has winding pathways, a large pond, bridge and seating area under the canopy of a variety of native British trees. The children can investigate much of the science curriculum in this space, such as habitats, food chains, growth and seasonal change. We use this calm and green space for mindful activities as well as the inspiration for creative writing, story telling and nature art.

Our large field is an open green space that is not only used for sporting activities but is ideal for team building activities, nose and natter sessions and exploring the hedgerows that surround the site. Children have helped to plant new trees in this area and we are in the process of developing a wildflower meadow.

We are fortunate to have a purpose built edible garden with several raised beds and a shed that is well equipped with garden tools to allow our children to ‘grow their own’ fruit, vegetables and flowers. This was kindly donated and built by Mothercare whose headquarters until recently, were located directly adjacent to the school. The children find great pleasure in planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and cooking their own produce. Gardening promotes collaboration, wellbeing and communication skills which benefit the children throughout their lives.

The children are able to gather in our outdoor classroom to discuss, debate, listen to stories and learn in another wonderful outdoor space. Sharing together in this circular structure enables children to express thoughts in a safe and open environment that lends itself to ‘taking notice’ of the world around them. 

The infant playground is surrounded by mature trees that provide an abundance of leaves to investigate and has been developed to stimulate imaginative play. Logs and tree stumps are used to create trains, schools and shops and a log circle is the perfect place to have a camp fire or participate in a PSHE session.

Our Early Years Playground is an incredible space that allows our youngest children to play and explore in a safe but stimulating environment. They have equipment that promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills as well as promoting imagination and interactive experiences. Many a delicious meal has been created in the mud kitchen, musical and acting talents are often on display on the stage and driving skills can be honed on the track.

The MUGA enables our children to take part in a variety of sporting activities in all seasons and is also used as a creative space for orienteering activities, team games and outdoor maths lessons. The trim trail next to this is always popular at break times and the wooden stage facilitates many impromptu performances by our gifted and talented children in addition to being used for role play within topic and English lessons.