Messages Of Support

We are very thankful for all of your feedback and messages of support. We thought we would share some of these with you.

"Before the new lockdown rules came in both my children have been so happy being at school one who is in nursery and one who is year 2. Also I have friends who have children at other schools who have had so many cases of Covid that they had isolated so many years and Cherry Tree have only had a few so I think that is a reflection on the amazing job you and the staff are doing. Miss Wolstencroft has been amazing with the kids joining them three times a day my son loves the class getting together. The whole timetable has worked so well for us we know what we're doing this time. Not that it was done poorly last time as I understand it was a new thing for everyone but I just feel a bit less pressure on myself this time as it's so well organised." - Parent

‚Äč"I am so impressed by how quickly you have got Google classrooms up and running. I can't believe how many children were attending in my son's class. The class teachers were great in engaging the children - thank you!" - Parent

"I can only speak for year 6 and year 3 but teachers absolutely smashed it, plenty of help getting logged so everyone was ready for this morning to get on Google meet, plenty of work and clear instructions  on what is going on and when...all done with such short notice and dealing with the added stress of last nights announcement at the same time!" - Parent

"Could you please pass on a THANK YOU to the staff working in school? They are brave and taking on a big job. It means so much to me to be able to continue my work with the NHS and to know that my children are happy and continuing with their learning. It is also lovely that they are with familiar members of staff, they look forward to seeing them every day." - Parent

"I just wanted to let you know that we totally understand how apprehensive the staff may have felt being in school this week, but they haven't for one minute let their own concerns about this pandemic affect my boys so THANK YOU. I'm also impressed at the structure of the homeschooling work set for both nursery and year 6." - Parent

"I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you on behalf of myself, Esther and Samuel for all the hard work that has gone into online learning this week. Esther and Samuel have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions they have had this week. The work that has been set has been imaginative and appealing to both of them, and I am really pleased with how well the week has gone and how much learning has taken place in our home. Their teachers (Mrs Lawrence and Miss Moss) have been amazing and really supportive, and my two have been especially happy that they can stay connected with their teachers through the various catch ups and teaching sessions that have gone on each day. It has been great to be able to upload work to GC and Tapestry so easily and get feedback and encouragement through the teachers' responses and through Marvelous Me." - Parent