All governors are elected or appointed for a four year term. The current membership is as follows:

Governance Table 2017-18

Governor Name Category of Governance Term of Office Roles and Responsibilities
Jessie Bruce Headteacher    
Andrew Chappell LEA 19/03/17-18/03/21 Chair of Governors
John Houston Co-opted 23/10/18-22/04/22  
Jo Charman Co-opted 24/10/14-23/10/18  
Barry Fitch Co-opted 24/10/14-23/10/18 Vice Chair
Renee Chandler Parent Governor 18/10/17-17/10/21  
Emily Shepherd Parent Governor 17/05/17-16/05/21  
Alex Green Staff Governor 18/10/17-17/10/21  
Juliette Uzur Co-opted 18/10/17-17/10/21  
Trudi Lincoln Co-opted 01/01/15-31/12/19  
Alison Campbell Parent 09/12/16-08/12/20  
Gillian Jackson Associate Governor 01/09/14-31/08/18  

Previous Governors in post during 2017-18

Governor Name Category of Governor Term of Office Roles and Responsibilities
Michelle Tapster Staff Governor 01/04/14-28/06/17  
Mohammad Umer Parent Governor 18/05/16-28/06/17