Cherry Tree children are reporters for a day

Year 3 children reported about the meteor which they found in the playground!

Cherry Tree children were featured in the Watford Observer when they became reporters for a day. 

PCSO Bradley Clarke had cornered off an area of the playground, and as children arrived at school, they were told by PCSO Clarke that it was safe, but to stand back.

The children interviewed members of staff about the incident, including Robert Seery, a Year 3 teacher.

Pupils Maryam and Alan reported: “When Mr Seery touched the meteor afterwards he said it was "humungous and squishy.”

The children reported the incident happened between 6am and 6.30am on Monday, March 14, and that the meteor was on fire when it landed.

Year 3 teachers said they were very proud of the way the children were enthused by this activity and with the amazing recounts they produced of the event.

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