Nursery - Post Box Trip

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This event will take place between 12:30pm and 1:30pm on 21/05/2024

Our Summer 1 Topic is “Journeys’. In Theme, we will be reading the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’. Our local post box is on Cherry Tree Road and therefore provides an excellent opportunity for the children to go on their first visit of the year to see the local area.

We will be taking Nursery to the Post Box on Tuesday 21 st May. Children attending our morning session will leave school at 9am. Children attending our afternoon session will leave school at 12.30pm.

The intent of the visit: 

  • To talk about what they see on the way to/from school
  • To notice features in our local environment
  • To understand what happens to a letter once it is posted
  • To write/draw for a purpose

We will take a first aid kit with us, but we are also near school if medical attention is needed. A risk assessment will be completed before the visit. Children will be made aware of potential risks and safety of walking to the post box.

You have already given your child permission for off-site visits, however, if you DO NOT give consent for this trip, please email the school office by Tuesday 7th May.

Children should be dressed in school uniform and suitable shoes. If the weather is cold and wet, please bring a coat. If it is sunny, children are allowed to bring a hat.

I will need additional adults accompanying the classes to ensure we have the correct ratio of adults to children. I will be asking you next week whether you are able to come on the trip with us. Unfortunately, we are unable to take younger siblings with us as well.