Year 3 Trip - British Museum in London

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This event will take place on 14/03/2024

On Thursday 14th March, Year 3 will be going on a trip to the British Museum in London. We will leave school at 9am and travel by train to the museum. We plan to be back at school by 3.15pm. If there are any disruptions causing us to get back later than usual, then the school will keep you informed.

Once there, the children will have a workshop, led by the museum staff, on the “Daily Life in Ancient Egypt” and explore the famous painting of Nebamun hunting in the marshes. This ties in with our curriculum, as it explores artefacts that archaeologists have discovered about Ancient Egypt and will support in answering our topic question, “How creative were the Ancient Egyptians?”. On the day, children should be dressed in their school uniform with suitable shoes. They will need to bring a water bottle and a packed lunch which we will eat at the museum. If your child has a current Free School Meal entitlement, they will be provided with a free packed lunch from our school kitchen but please let us know if you would prefer to provide your own packed lunch.