Proud to Be Me Day

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This event will take place between 9:00am and 3:15pm on 12/06/2024

On Wednesday 12th June, we will be hosting our annual 'Proud To Be Me' Day. This was a great success last year and so wonderful to see our whole community come together to celebrate what makes them proud of themselves.

Over the year, we mark the many differences amongst ourselves and others through our curriculum, assemblies and events . This includes; various religious festivals, Black History Month, Autism Acceptance Day, Hello Yellow Day, Children's Mental Health Day, Children in Need and many, many more...

'Proud To Be Me' Day is a day to celebrate ALL of our differences and share these with our community. Our value this half term also is RESPECT so we have been and will continue to talk about respecting others around us, even if they are different to ourselves.

On this day, children will be encouraged to come to school dressed in something which reflects them. We are not asking for voluntary donations for this event.

Examples of outfits could include:

  • Brownies/scouts/cubs/cadet uniform
  • National dress
  • Team kit e.g. a cricket team you play for, gymnastics team, football team
  • Flags
  • A colour to express an emotion, feeling or connection. Or a colour that just makes you smile
  • An animal that represents a type of character e.g. I am proud that I am brave so I am coming as a lion
  • Bright colours to celebrate neurodiversity

We very much look forward to the children celebrating themselves and the things that make them, them!