Herts Secondary School Applications

When your child is in Year 6, you need to apply for a Secondary School place on the Hertfordshire Admissions website. Applications for Secondary Schools usually open in September when your child starts Year 6. and close by the end of October. Secondary school places are allocated in March.

When making an application, you need to choose up to 4 secondary schools. Some schools have extra admissions requirements, so you will need to check if the schools you are choosing require your child to sit the 11+ exam and/or another test such as a technology test, a music test, or a PE Aptitude test which must also be applied for via the South-West Herts Consortium Website when your child is in Year 5. You must check the school websites to see whether you also need to submit a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to the school. SIFs are usually found on each school's website, and when you make your application for Secondary Schools which require a SIF, you will be alerted, at the time of application, in red type, by the Hertfordshire Admissions site that "you must complete and return the SIF direct to the school".

Registration for the 11+ exams usually opens in May when your child is in Year 5. The 11+ exam is taken in September when your child starts Year 6. It is not compulsory, and not all Secondary Schools require applicants to sit the test.

There are eight partially selective schools in South-West Hertfordshire which require applicants to sit the 11+ Test and/or another test:

Clicking on the schools' links above will take you to their admissions pages where you can see their admissions criteria, and also download a SIF.

Results of the 11+ test are usually available in October, and can be a guide when applying for a Secondary School Place here